When it comes to eating, there is a wide variety of options to suit different tastes and pockets. We’ll make it simple and arrange it by neighbourhoods and types of food.


Just a few metres from the Bufadero La Garita we find the beach that gives it its name, here we have many places where we can satisfy our hunger.

Puerto Madera Terrace

For breakfast or a quick bite:

  • You can have breakfast almost anywhere, but we definitely recommend La Panera, with a wide variety of sandwiches, sweets and cakes. It may be a little small, but it’s ideal for a quick bite to eat or a quick pick-me-up.
  • Another option is the bakery La Fuente, not as glamorous as the first one, but very filling. Here you can have churros for breakfast, a good bocadillo de pata and even the famous calamares y papas (squid and potatoes) in the evenings.
  • La Esquinita de La Garita is another interesting option, with two menus depending on whether it is breakfast or lunch, we recommend the toast with avocado, honey and walnuts.

More focused on lunch and dinner:

  • La Góndola, a recently created Italian restaurant with several very interesting pizzas. Their salads are also highly recommended, especially a warm prawn salad.
  • Without leaving Italian food, we find Medias Lunas, with artisan Italian pasta, signature pizzas and the sale of Italian products.
  • Puerto Madera, perhaps the most fashionable lately. Its location is privileged, almost on the beach, its menu is excellent, with Canarian and international food. Even on weekends, there is live music and it gets quite lively. Ideal for eating and having a drink.

Hoya pozuelo-playa del hombre

This is a very residential area, with very few options but the ones that exist are quite interesting.

Wine Oclock Breakfast
  • Wine O’clock is a place with a very particular concept. It has a large window and we can have breakfast or lunch with a view of the beach of Hoya del Pozo. Their breakfast special is amazing. It is also a great place to have a glass of wine at sunset.
  • For fish lovers, Perico Junior brings us the best of the coast. Heir to a legendary restaurant in Telde, it maintains the quality of the fish and seafood. It is in the lower part of the previous restaurant.


Here the king is the Cofradía de Pescadores de Taliarte, its fish is fresh and depending on the day you can find one or the other. It has very good seafood and is famous for its paellas.

melenara beach

There are many options for eating by the sea. At weekends it is very busy and it is advisable to book in advance.

Melenara Restaurants
  • The restaurant El Mago Karlin, is an Italian restaurant with many options of pizzas and pastas. The menu is very varied. Practically on the sand.
  • La Posada del Mar is a restaurant specialising in fresh fish of the day. Very good views.
  • For tapas and to enjoy the beach, we have El Rincón de Paqui. Croquettes, chips, fried octopus… You won’t be disappointed.
  • Pizzería Venecia one of the classics of the coast of Telde, of course their pizzas are excellent, but also their fish, squid and salads.
  • The best known in the area is the restaurant La Rubia, many years offering a varied menu, where the squid, gofio and octopus are a delight. It is excellent value for money.
  • A little further away from the beach but with very homemade food is the Guachinche El Novelero. Typical food from the island of Tenerife, such as ribs and potatoes.
  • Finally a specialist in sandwiches, chips and burgers. Piscolabis Anamar has large portions at reasonable prices.


We are almost at the end. Salinetas Beach is a fantastic place to have a drink after a good swim.

  • For breakfast you can’t go wrong if you go to La Madera, which is famous for its pastries and cakes.
  • La Gabarra Restaurant is a classic in Salinetas, right on the beach avenue with a large terrace. The menu is very varied, but with a special dedication to fish. An ideal place to have a beer while watching the sunset.
  • A mythical place, but which has lost a lot of steam is Salinetas Hot Dog. Their hot dogs were a big event on the gastronomic scene and their long queues at weekends were an event. Takeaway and picnic on the beach is still a great idea.
  • A great hidden gem is Bar Capiton, fish, squid and croquettes are king here. Very popular with locals.
  • American Coffe is one of the latest to open in the area. There have been several businesses in this place but they can’t seem to get it right. For something quick and without great aspirations.
  • Lastly, Pizzeria La Official is gaining popularity for its varied and quality menu.


If you have already enjoyed the beach and you take the car, a few kilometres away you have a shopping centre with large chains such as McDonald’s and Burger King. You can also find the quintessential Canarian fast-food restaurant, Pepe Chiringo, a legendary place for Gran Canarian people.

Yazmina Ham Sandwich

Finally, one of the most characteristic places in Gran Canaria is the Yazmina, this mythical place where you can only eat one sandwich, the roast leg of pork, with cheese or aioli. Without a doubt, this is the place we recommend for a Canarian experience.