What to do in the bufadero La Garita?

Enjoying the scenery

Of course, the most important thing is to sit on one of the benches at the viewpoint, relax and contemplate this marvel of nature. It is a wild and beautiful place that reminds you that nature can always surprise us.

DFrom a distance, we can contemplate the geyser that forms the inlet and outlet of the water, evoking the blowing of a whale. All this surrounded by the blue sea and the dark stone. On the other hand, if we get closer, the natural pool takes centre stage, constantly filling and emptying, in an infinite dance.

Go for a walk

The surroundings of the bufadero allow us to observe the sea and the coast of Telde. On the avenue that connects the beach of La Garita with Melenara, we have several beaches, cliffs, viewpoints, a pier, “natural pools”, parks, statues… All you have to do is venture a little on the routes we propose and you will enjoy the magnificent scenery.


Another of the great attractions of visiting the Bufadero is the number of places with excellent dining options, from beachfront restaurants where fish is the protagonist, pizzerias or various options for breakfast and sandwiches. We recommend that you follow our guide to where to eat in the bufadero of La Garita.


Another of the favourite options for those who live nearby, the avenue with its almost 4 kilometres is an ideal place to do sport, whether it be walking, cycling or running.


Everything around the bufadero of La Garita is pet friendly, there are taps where the animals can drink, plenty of land to let them run free, but remember that they can only enter and bathe on the beach of San Borondón.