After visiting the bufadero of La Garita, you have many plans to do, it just depends on what you are looking for, we suggest the following:


A day at the beach

Of course it will depend on the weather and the time of year you visit, but it is one of the star plans, within a radius of 2 kilometres, you have up to 6 beaches and coves where you can cool off and spend the day. There’s nothing like grabbing a snack and taking advantage of La Garita beach, or if you want to take a stroll, go to the Taliarte pier or continue on to Melenara. If you come with pets, there is also space on the beach of San Borondón.

Afternoon stroll or terrace

Another great plan, you have a lot of gastronomic offer where you can relax near the sea. Italian, fish, brunch? Another of our favourite options is to order something to take away and have a picnic on the beach or at one of the nearby viewpoints.

Take a walk

Relaxing and strolling around is another of our favourites, the avenue is easy to access, there are only two or three points with a bit of a slope but it is a quiet and safe walk to go with children or elderly people.

Children’s playgrounds

It is also a good option, especially the one on the beach of La Garita, recently renovated and with a large castle for the enjoyment of the little ones. It also has plenty of benches, and is a meeting place for the locals.


Another great plan, it is undoubtedly one of the most popular with visitors.

  • Cycling. The whole area around the bufadero has routes for mountain biking, and you can go overland all the time, practically from Las Palmas. By road you also have a good route, with double lane and almost flat roads that allow you to visit several localities. There are also cycle lanes and pedestrian paths.
  • Running. You can go along the avenue, running while watching the sea is one of the marvellous things about this area. There are also cross-country routes that allow you to get to know the surroundings of the beaches or venture out into the countryside.
  • Swimming. Between the Taliarte pier and Melenara beach there is an open water swimming route, properly signposted and used by sportsmen and women.
  • Triatlón: ¿Qué obtienes si unes las tres disciplinas anteriores? pues el Triatlón, se celebra el triatlón de Salinetas que congrega muchos participantes y público.
  • Surfing. Without leaving the sea you can also surf at Playa del Hombre, or even take lessons or go body boarding at La Garita or Palos beaches.
  • Gyms: Another nearby option with different spaces such as Spin Fit or Drago Gym.
  • Crossfit: You also have several options such as Crow or Crossfit Oceanus.